Omega Searches offer the following search reports:

This is a search of the Local Land Charges Register revealing any of the following, found within the outline of the property to be searched:

  • Conservation Areas 
  • Listed Buildings 
  • Ancient Monuments 
  • Tree Preservation Orders 
  • Enforcement Notices 
  • Highway Agreements  
  • Planning Applications
  • Form CON29

This contains a series of standard questions covering planning, building control, highways and environmental issues

Identifies whether your property is extremely close to separated by a piece of common and /village green, Crucial and Important as by law development is not allowed on grounds registered as Common Land

Produce results if there are any drainage connections to the property and Identify and Liabilities the New owner maybe liable to pay

It is a point-based search which contains land contamination risk, flood risk information It also picks up energy infrastructure alerts if there are any projects in the surrounding area and whether there is a risk of radon gas.

Particularly used when a environmental report has failed

Flood risk Report In-depth

See what other owners around your proposed property got the go-ahead to convert their property into

Confirms if your  property is within distance of being liable to pay for the repairs  of a nearby Earlier Church by Law

Discover whether your property is in an area affected by Randon Gas,(Higher traces usually found in counties such as Cornwall, Devon and Somerset)

CON29M Coal Mining Search

Local Authorities Holds information as to whether a tree close to a property or on any land by law can not be cut down, the information also reveals entries of past requests to overturn the law against any particular tree in question.

Reveals who by law owns the property/land in question



Energy and Infrastructure Report In-depth

These are records held by the Highways department in any given local authority identifying if the road your property lies on  is private or publicly maintainable plus many much information.

Utility Reports

We also offer Personal searches when time is of the essence

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